Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides:
(Subtitle: Fishing Guide to the Stars –
I was thinking about one fishing guide – I’ve ridden with several – but this one, he’s an Aquarius, and the consistent feedback is that he’s just the nicest guy.

One saltwater/flats guide I fished with? “Free if you don’t catch fish,” was the tag-line, but he was critical of all my techniques, and by the end of the day, the reason we didn’t catch anything was all my fault, as the client.

“Throw it over there, no, you need to cast it further, no, not like this, see, like this, no, no like that, you messed it all up.”

“You shouldn’t use that, you should use this. Deal’s off if you don’t follow my advice.”

“That was lame, couldn’t you do better?”

I’d pay the guy just to make sure I got off the boat at the right dock. Never fishing with him again.

Nice guys, gentlemen types, might finish last, However, there’s less chance for murder, no matter how justified.

What got me thinking about that was recent feedback about my readings. Gentle. Less absolute and more about whatever it was that was going on. Less judgement. More about possible directions.

A good reading doesn’t say, “This will happen,” what it does is illuminate possibilities. The querent, the client, the one getting read? All about choices.

My job? Delineate some choices.