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Library of Congress
Dear Publisher:
This is your official notification that the following ISSN assignment(s) have been made under the auspices of the U.S. ISSN Center at the Library of Congress.  Please print or save this notification for your records.

Fishing Guide to the Stars
ISSN 2150-6744
Enclosed documentation?

What’s in a Name and ISSN for Serials.

Not that I needed another bureaucratic nod, but it does suggest that the column is official. Certainly one of the longest, continuously running weekly, serial installments. That’s for sure.

Matched with an illicit image from the California highways:

Thanks, dude.

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Silly Season:
I was looking for hard facts about the Texas gubernatorial Republican mud-fest. South of San Antonio, on the highway to the coast? There’s a big sign, “Mud Drags, every weekend.” No connection, maybe I’ll get a picture.

When I was poking around on the inter-web, I stumbled across a good, liberal analysis of the Republican predicament. Better, though, was the stuff at the bottom. The ads. The ads served by a certain search engine giant. Along the sides, it read, “Advertise Liberally.” At the bottom? “Rick Perry For Gov.” Plus a campaign slogan. Then, underneath that? “Bankruptcy/Foreclosure?”

No screen shot, but it was brilliant. Can’t make this stuff. Molly Ivins (Virgo), this one is for you.