Burgers Redux

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Fished this out of the inbox:

I work with the Travel Channel’s online community team and thought you might be interested in our show Man v. Food, as San Antonio will be featured this week.  The episode airs Wednesday, August 5 at 10pm E/P. Below is more information about the show and specific details for the San Antonio episode.
San Antonio Details
Adam travels to the Lone Star state in this brand new episode of Man v. Food. First, he visits Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe for a 48-oz. chicken-fried steak known as The Police Chief Special before going to town on their 3 1/2-lb. cinnamon roll.
Finally, he heads to Chunky’s Burgers for his showdown with the Four Horsemen Challenge – a fiery burger topped with the world’s hottest peppers. Can Adam pull it off or will he end up in the Chunky’s Burgers hall of shame? Tune in Wednesday at 10 to find out!
Here’s a link to Adam’s Four Horsemen Challenge. We would love your help spreading the word about this episode.  Feel free to embed this video on your blog and let me know if you need anything else!
On a more personal note, I hope you do not find this email offensive. I try to reach out to people who would be interested to know that Man v. Food is coming!
Wendy Hofstetter
Room 214, Inc. on behalf of the Travel Channel

I was interested, as I have a pointed interaction with that particular show. The host mispronounced two-dollar words, had the wrong emphasis, and hammered the language. Not in a fun way, not like a misplaced modifier or run on-like I do. His first pick for places in Austin was abysmal. I mean, Round Rock Doughnuts, yeah, that was a good call. But he missed all the good stuff.

I was done with the show, except that, when he did the Big Tex steak in Amarillo? Look closely. He has on an “Amy’s Ice Cream” heavy metal T-shirt. Clearly, epicurean tastes, after all.

The single, most important item on the list from that week in San Antonio? Lulu’s Cinnamon Roll. Truly a thing of beauty. There’s a picture of one buried in my blog someplace, travel oddities.

I was – unsure of my feeling – as being “invited” to link to their post. That’s trying to generate buzz about a show. That’s frank manipulation. However, the final line in her missive? She’s open about it. Nice that I’m almost a media outlet. From looking up the company that sent me the message? It’s a young “media company,” which means, to me, an advertising agency that’s hip and trendy.

What did they do right? That company didn’t pretend to be too cool. Upfront with associations. Client. Their client is the Travel Channel.