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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Working in El Paso, I used up a whole stack of blank CDs. That’s 30 blanks plus whatever I had on hand, in two days. Lots of readings. Bit of a grind, yet, it’s what I like. Did some good work, I’d like to think.

Plenty of warnings about upcoming astrological weather, too. Then there was a theme, kind bizarre, as it stretched across several generations.

The element is the planet Pluto, and it was conjunct – in a huge number of charts – with the natal Moon. Too common to say it was a coincidence. In the charts, roughly every other chart I looked at, the two objects would be next to each other. From Pluto/Moon at 17 Leo to Pluto/Moon at 17 Libra, sort of runs the whole spectrum.

My personal take on that conjunction, borne out by years of observation, is that there’s a flavor, a Scorpio sense that is imparted with the planet placement. Technically, Pluto is an asteroid and the Moon is a satellite of Earth, but in astrology chatter, it’s just easier to call them all planets.

I have a deep, abiding respect for Scorpio. Almost a fear. Okay, so maybe it is a fear, but, yeah, it’s there. So to see that conjunction in almost every reading, there was one last reading, again, Pluto/Moon, exact, in Scorpio.

As Pluto approaches a stationary position, more like a fixed star than a planet, the Pluto-energy people seem to come crawling out. Perhaps it’s an empowerment, perhaps it’s a chance to shine. Maybe, those folks are here to help us.

It’s a Scorpio thing.