Rancho Grande

Always a kick:

The late, great Freddy Fender, from the Nueces Strip? Gemini, as well. “Rancho Grande,” a mariachi classic.

The very fabric of “Texan” culture consists of many different threads. Not just “Mexican,” or, for that matter, not just “anglo.” Rich in cultural overtones and passions that run strong, deep.

Happy birthday.

4th of July Ice Cream:
Quart and half of half and half 35 calories per serving, 32 calories per quart, 1120 calories per quart, recipe is 1680.

Pint of whipping cream, 50 calories per serving, 32 servings per pint, recipe is 1600.

6 eggs, at 70 calories each, recipe is 420 calories.

3 and a half cups of sugar at 770 calories per cup, recipe is 2695.

Blend and freeze.

Yeah, I got a degree in literature, I’m not so good with the math. Besides, that’s half gallon of ice cream. What did I leave out? Mexican Vanilla.