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In astrology terms, the “Quincunx” is frequently misunderstood. Draw the circle for the chart wheel. Slice it up into 12 equal pieces. Make sure no one from my family is around as the slices might appear slightly larger and smaller. Angles between the planets – and the sun – so it’s angles between planets, heavenly bodies, and in some cases, hypothetical points – the angles have names and symbolism.

A “trine” is 120 degrees, three times around to complete the circle. A “square” is 90 degrees, four times to complete the circle. Trines are “good” while squares are generally regarded as tough angles. The symbolism represents flowing and challenging aspects.

The “Quincunx” is an odd symbol and structure in an astrology chart. Trines are represented by triangles, Squares are squares, Sextiles (half a trine) are little stars, like a six-pointed star, and the other two that are strong? Oppositions and conjunctions. The symbols for those, the opposition, it’s a line with an orb at each side and the conjunction is a circle with a line sticking out.

The symbolism for the “Quincunx” leads to a good way to interpret this kind of angles between heavenly objects – the symbol is a line on a balanced on a square corner. It’s about fifth’s. The angles is 150 degrees, and it works in an odd way.

Imagine that symbol, first. A line, like an opposition, but that line is now balanced in a precarious manner on point that’s like the edge of the square….

Confused? Sure. Early on, I tended to ignore the “quincunx,” more out of laziness on my part than anything else. It is a precarious angle, and it’s hard to understand, much less explain. However, the way it works, see, it’s like an opposition, only a little easier since there’s a natural balance point that can be struck. Finding that balance point is what’s so important with this angle. Planets, signs, houses, and the rest of the mix has to be considered.

It’s all about balance.

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