Texas and trivia

Shiner, Texas, which in case you can’t figure it out, is the home to Shiner Beer? Shiner Beer is 100 years old, this year. Started in 1909. Lots of beer.

First the town was called “Half Moon,” then it was named, “New Half Moon,” but finally, in 1888, it became Shiner. The rest, as they say, is history.

Unrelated odds bits:
Cute overdose.

Not cute overdose.

The man, the myth.

Average is better.


Crack Honey-Mustard Dressing:
“Creole Mustard, chopped up Jalapeño and honey. That’s it.”

On The Air current footnote.

At the video store:
Like, at the movies, only on a DVD.
He’s just not that into you, based on the book of the same name, and one I didn’t read. Which, I fear, was much for the better. Good as a movie, probably tough as a book. Excellent premise, nice to see Justin Long getting some chops in with the acting thing.

At The Movie:
The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock. Hey, girl can act. And dance around naked. Feel-good romance. Bet the Alaska stuff was really shot in rural New England. Just a guess. But having been to Alaska a time or two, I’ll verify that the small towns are that colloquial. In a good way.

Links with no context:
(Really, I should take better notes)
Latest Word

Video One, Video Two, and El Three-0


Una Mas:
Don’t know why.

Musical Notes:
I can only make one MJ allusion, although, I must admit, I find grudging respect for the character. The JW’s aren’t a sect I’d like to be wrapped up in, but I openly admire their devotion. From my files, a single “big beat” reference — FatBoy Slim (Norman Cook), and one of the only cuts that’s not available through Amazon. What’s up with that?