Road Tested

Buddy and associate Robin Gile in Time.

I can’t even make this stuff up.

Alice Cooper, ladies and gentlemen, Alice Cooper.

Defining Moment:
Ma Wetzel was presented with an award the other day. Why I was in Dallas. I hate to sound bitter, but I expected the usual “dog and pony” show followed by the usual “rubber chicken” banquet meal followed by the usual “after dinner” acceptance speech crap.

“Bring me coffee, I need to stay awake.”

The meal was good. Broiled salmon, well-done, with some fresh herbs, and served with saffron rice. A single brocolli spear. Salad, &c.

Ma Wetzel was the honored guest, so she got her little medallion, which was heavy enough to pull her over. She had speech all prepped up. Polite fiction about her son.

“All moms lie about their children.”

When she stepped up to the podium? She peeled her name tag off her blouse and stuck it on the medallion.

My uncle is the accepted “speaker” in the family. He was in radio, TV, has the looks, the delivery, and the (Capricorn) wit. So his sister (Ma Wetzel) has her own chops in this department.

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