I think the real title is Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but that’s almost too cumbersome a moniker. Tearful, sad, chick flick wherein South Texas native Matthew McConaughey plays the ill-fated Lothario.

Stellar cast with Matt leading the way in what must be an acclaimed critical roll. Lurking in the shadows is none other than Kirk Douglas Jr., also in fine form as tragic supporting character. Sad and dolefully delicious, dripping with message of the good life.

The plot is about the fall of a successful and single photographer whose little brother is getting married. In series of vignettes and careful crafted flashback sequences, the story unfolds about the one woman who got away, and – of course – is back to torture the protagonist the present. Women can be so spiteful.

There is an obvious structural reference to Dickens’ Xmas Carol, and it snows, but the metaphor and allusions end there.

I would think that the character is much more like Shakespeare’s King Lear than anyone else, hunted and haunted by the one that got away.

Or me, the big 15-pound bass that escaped my clutches in Lady Bird Lake. Would’ve been a lake record. The one that got away.

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