Never twigged to the numbers. Insert something witty Or rerun some timeless Cheech and Chong.

Three weeks:
Be my guess.

Theme Song:
REK’s Road Goes on Forever and the party never ends.

Meme is theme song for one’s life. Don’t forget, at the end of the song? “Sonny’s going to the chair, as she gets back in her new Mercedes Benz…” (sic)

That one kills me.

Really good stuff until sponsorship unravels.

Cost Benefit:
Just more on the age-old debate.

Haven’t been to a burger king in a more than a dozen years. Maybe longer. However, I loved the ad. Of course, it’s being pulled for being cultural insensitive.

And I thought it was funny.

Shouldn’t talk and drive.

In other Houston news:
Miss-marked history. From the article:

“The whole continental expansion of the U.S. to the West Coast hinged on this battle,” he said