How to measure success?

This one image rates as a success – for me. The success stems from the composition itself, then, too, there’s the back story. As is my wont, my pedestrian ways, and it was a hot afternoon. Shod in sandals and the Hawaiian shirt, yeah, what to expect?

I looked back, as I found it an intriguing sign. Took a half-dozen snap shots from various angles, and that one, almost over-exposed, that one turned out best. The lettering is almost faded on part of the sign, and the contrast in the image isn’t quite right. Which makes it’s that much better.

Point and click camera. Nothing fancy.

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. Saturday night. Salt Lick BBQ. The legend. Red-headed Capricorn, the legendary.

“Dum Spiro Spero” (faux coat of arms on the wall)

Best sales job? I mean, ever? Waitress (Cancer), suggested that we get one pecan pie and then, split a cobbler, part Blueberry, part Peach. Slickest sales I’ve ever seen.

Still rates as some damn fine BBQ, but it’s an acquired taste. Made me recall the first trip out there, back in the day, rode our motorcycles out there, in the afternoon. I’m guessing we took beer. Parts of that era are still fuzzy. But I could guess the correct summer and year. I could even, if pressed describe the motorcycle. Maybe another time.