Goin’ Coastal

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Quick dash to the coast for some fun fishing.

Buddy (Aquarius) said he was going to pick me up at 4:30 AM. Not that I doubt a reluctant youth, but I was mildly surprised when he sent a message back that he’d collected his buddy and they were already rolling towards me. Shouldn’t text and drive.

Scooped me up and we rolled on through the darkest morning, sullen clouds obscuring the morning stars. Other than a 15-minute delay at the drive-thru (for road food), we made it to the launch almost on time. On the water and fishing by 8. Very windy conditions.

Not much luck, early on, a single Gafftop (edible salt catfish), and two stingrays. Moved. Moved again. Ran over towards Port A, and there we struck gold. In and amongst the rusted hulk of an old oil dock – port used to unload oil tankers – we got into Sheepshead. Glad there were three of us, we limited out before noon. Caught and released twice as many, some undersized. Added a Spanish Mackerel I caught, to the list.

A good time as had by all. Burgers and a nap in the back of the truck on the way home?

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