April 1


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The season is warming up nicely. The Sun starts this month in Aries, and Aries lasts a good two-thirds of the month. There’s a funny note to April, as there are two pieces of standard horoscope advice. One has to do with taxes. As an astrologer, I get asked to pick dates, like times to incorporate, time to get married, time to file for divorce, that type of event. Astrological timing can help.

However, the best time to file taxes? If you’re like me, an organized, forward-thinking small business person, then, the best time to file for taxes? April 15th. Every year. While I endeavor to get everything done ahead of time, and I do get as much prepared in a timely fashion? The best time to file for taxes? Like everyone else. April 15th. Moon phase, Sun in Aries, Mercury Retrograde. Mercury not retrograde. Venus Retrograde? Doesn’t matter. Years and years of astrological trial and error? Best time to file? April 15th. Most painless. Works best.

Venus spends about half the month in apparent retrograde motion, and that means the “planet of love” is messing with the best of love’s intentions. There’s an amusing — to me — kicker as Mars and Venus align briefly, towards the end of the month. The two planets, Venus and Mars and Venus, will be visible on the eastern horizon as morning stars, for the last half of the month.

The symbolism is about relationships. “Relationships” doesn’t just imply romance, although, that’s a thought. Normally smooth relationships, especially if there’s a small problem? The first half of the month sees that small problem getting blown out of proportion and turned into a huge problem, perhaps more effort, time, and bandwidth than the problem really deserves. The second half of the month is about healing those problems. Don’t have much time to fix this stuff, correct the errant problems.

The Venus Retrograde is over by April 15th, and then the tones of the times, the music of the spheres, then it starts to sound a little better.

The end of April also sees the Lyrids, an annual spring meteor shower. April 21-22, after midnight, eastern sky, check it out. The significance? Ever heard of wishing on a falling star? Here’s a good chance to do just that.


Put money in thy purse:
Or something.

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Means something in Mandarin, I’m so sure.

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Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
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Put money in thy purse:
Or something.

Perennial Favorite:
Means something in Mandarin, I’m so sure.

Waterloo & City Line.

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Some of the graphic images from Mexico. One is telling, for me, the star on the side of the mountain in El Paso.

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  • ssmith04 Apr 1, 2009 @ 10:50

    The picture with the Star also had a neon sign with the Devil, at least that’s what it looked like to me. Really told the story, needed no caption except for the locale. Quite a horrifying series of photos.

    Regarding income tax: Here in California there’s a rush to file, because the state may run out of money and later filers may receive IOU’s, so it is rumored. Get it in, grab the check, and cash it.

    Communication recently, people skills, have been gnarly. Waiting eagerly for mid-month. Resigned to gnarliness in the meantime.

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