For some reason I kept thinking about this. I was living in East Austin, at the time, and the daily newspaper was delivered about 4 AM. More or less. Maybe 5, I’m not sure. But I quite subscribing, in part because I was traveling a lot and to keep canceling the paper for the away weekends, and then, I noticed, about the time AOL went to a flat rate, I was reading news online, then reading the identical copy in the paper, the next day.

For me, in my life, that’s when the tiniest of incidents that changed the way I perceived the world around me. The moment it changed. The singular point, the merest pinprick in time.

I’ve been on two sides of a “relationship issue” with a couple. Astrological marriage counseling, to some. Two stories, and sometimes? The stories don’t even match up. Plot, characters, actions, reactions? I have to wonder if the two people are describing parallel universes wherein the names are the same, but the scene they describe? Different.

One reason I never claim to be objective and impartial. Which brings the question of “objective journalism” into the fray. As if.

I think this is really about delivery. Content delivery as opposed to the nature of the content.