Urban Decoy

Los Apaches Cafe, something terribly enigmatic about the tile-work, couple of blocks from the (old) Police Department.

Virgo – with the tequila.

Waterloo & City Line.

Vegas – back in the day.

Long gone.

Unrelated Tax Dollars:
Weird website.

Mission Concepcion – confluence of San Pedro Creek and the San Antonio River.

The inter-web is a dangerous place, alone, late at night, unarmed… Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepciõn de Acuña. Anyway, in case I missed it, completed in 1755, basically unrestored high-holy-something-catholic church. Consider, been in continuous operation longer than we’ve been the good, old, United States.

Yeah, alone, at night. Unarmed.

Ever walk in some place and feel really at home? At peace? Even with vegetarians? “Green” is just such place. For me, anyway, first trip? Instantly comfortable. It’s not like I’m an expert on vegetarian food. Mother, sister, both claim to vegetarian; although, I’m a little unsure. Anyway, Green, in San Antonio, reminded me of Austin, a dozen years ago.

Relatively clean, unpretentious. Scattered artwork, aggressively casual. I had a ham sandwich with lots of stuff. Fake ham, TVP. Textured Vegetable Protein. Real lettuce, organic spinach, and the kicker? Habanero Jelly. Made my nose run, a little. Tasteful, with a good kick, but not too much. Gentle and firm.

Closed on Saturdays. Got to love the weirdness quotient.

Green. In SA.