Faith in god, full speed ahead.

The Alameda Museum in San Antonio’s (historic) Market Square is a rare jewel. As part of the Smithsonian, that brings real credentials – I suppose – to the Museo Alameda. I’ve seen several curated shows at the museum.

Traveler there is no path
You must make your own path by walking.

The most recent exhibition I saw was part of a 1992 (or thereabout) display called “dichos.” The folk art, words and expressions on Mexican and Central American vehicles. Mostly buses and trucks. The way the words are painted on, the concomitant images. Masterful artistry with that folk art appeal. And lines, that mean much, perhaps on more than one level.

It’s the Mexican equivalent of a buddy’s boat key ring, “sit down, shut up and hang on.” Scary fast Bass Boats.

The single “dicho” that spoke to me the most? “Mi novia no est Virginia.” I could have that all wrong confusing Latin, Spanish, French and Mexican. Couldn’t take a picture so I have no real record. In English? “My girlfriend isn’t Virginia (virgin?)”

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Pink Cake A commonplace book.
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