But not amusing. I was walking to the train station, headed someplace, I’m sure, and I passed one of the old downtown buildings that has a new sign, “Newly renovated apartments: for sale!”

I think the resurrection and refocused use of downtown office buildings in such manner, i.e., multi-faceted family dwelling, I think that’s cool. Selling it as real estate, again, cool idea. With the downturn in the market, whatever that means, there’s problems, though, and I’m sure the projected sales prices don’t really approximate what the developer was first envisioning.

Plain words: ain’t getting what they hoped for.

However, curious that I am, I noted the website advertised and I looked it up a little later.

Dead end. First URL went to page on the holding company’s site, but any clicking after that resulted in the dreaded 404 error. Or worse. The advertising, on the side of the building, it’s been there for months. To have the only link lead to a dead-end?

Some folks would simply address this as a “Mercury is Retrograde” problem. I’m thinking, though, that there was a serious disconnect between the marketing and web services. That’s just bad. Wasted bandwidth. Not that I could afford a high-rise apartment, but we can all dream.

Car Crushing Bump. A sign that started, or prompted, the side-project. The other point? Date. Pursuant to a question my sister asked, in one of those long and winding conversations.

Please Vote. Need your assistance. I just wish it was like Texas in the good, old days. Vote Early – Vote Often.

Do a few things well.

It’s actually a topic I’ve covered before. Piper Sandals. Coffee shops.

Tee-Vee liner notes:
After watching some of the Austin-area food shows, what didn’t work at all? Man versus Food with a host who blew pronunciation. Two words stuck out and irritate me, even now. Patina, like that thin veneer, originally, it green oxide on copper. I can say it and define it without looking it up.

The other crime is far more heinous: mispronounce “Migas.” Local food dish, not even Mexican, it’s truly a TexMex wonder, “Migas,” in essence, corn chips and eggs, and stuff, scrambled. Say it right. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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  • ssmith04 Feb 9, 2009 @ 10:16

    I’m voting as often as the site rules allow. Tina, though, Tina-cious is getting 10 votes a day after a long hiatus. I can’t compete with that (though I wish I could).

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