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A Fishing Guide about what it’s all about.

Do a few things well.

It’s actually a topic I’ve covered before. Piper Sandals. Coffee shops.

At the Movies:
Taken starring a craggy, mean Liam Neeson. Trailer hits it rather well, grabs a couple of the high points, and in the movie, some of that trailer footage is recycled. Twice, by my count. Once happening, then a second time, in a flashback sequence just so we all understand the gravity of the situation. Don’t be messing with his kid.

ASTROFISH.NET: when there isn’t a way, make one

Good movie? Sure. The plot is – thinking back an hour later – a predictable and safe vehicle. The editing, sharp and tight. The action, eventually, by the end of the movie, I was getting to the point that any normal human would’ve fallen over from exhaustion. Worth a matinee. Action is good, and part of the film is set in Paris, have to love that town.

ASTROFISH.NET: first in High Definition horoscopes

How to make big money from your small business. Bought the text at the used book store, the author is cited as a best-selling writer. Yeah, not sure about that, the book was remaindered.

ASTROFISH.NET: not better than the van

While there was some rather useful information? I’m selling that one back to the used bookstore.

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