Interstate 10

I’m unsure of where Interstate 10 dead-ends in the east. I know it cuts through the middle of Houston and points eastward. I know that Interstate 10 is like magical dividing line – north of I-10? Food’s not as good. Tex-Mex or Mex-Mex or however the indigenous food is branded?

By extension, the shopping south of that mythical stretch of highway is also better. No, seriously, I’ve sampled Wal-Marts on both the north and south side; south side is better, just as a given rule of thumb. Food is more colorful, perhaps more flavorful, deals are more bizarre.

Already incorporated in a horoscope, long since used up, I found a deal one Halloween. Found some plastic purple pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns that I fancied. At a buck apiece, that was too much. I figured those items would go on sale right after Halloween. They did. Two bucks apiece on the sales end-cap, marked with a giant “Marked down” sign. Twice as much after the holiday had passed.

This isn’t really about retail and what genius in marketing is doing with after holiday prices, this is more about the Interstate. I-10. East-West. From East to West. And like the astrology maxim, “As above, so below,” there’s my I-10 Corollary, “As above, better below.”

At various points, I’ve noted the good stuff, like the tortilla chips (with no trans fat), from a bakery in Del Rio, TX, and those chips? Only available south of the magic line. Julio’s Chips. No cholesterol and no trans fats. Can’t seem to find them a grocery stores north of I-10.

Restaurants, especially, for me, in the El Paso “corridor,” south side. San Antonio, best food? South side. From what I recall of Houston, been years, but yeah, south side, south of I-10.

The weird part, to me, just my skewed sense of geography and location? One point on that east-west route where the road turns unabashedly north: Just on the west side of El Paso, hooks a sharp right corner around the butt of the Franklin Mountains. Or a hard left, going east.

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