Dear Guy

I’m glad to see you’re finally following my recommendations (Magnolia Cafe and Green Mesquite BBQ – Austin).

Got a few more for you:
Just a little south of the Alamo, yeah, that Alamo. Remember the Alamo? There’s one place that deserves to be featured on your show, “Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins.”

Eddie’s Taco House. From Austin, follow Interstate 35 south. Worth a stop in San Marcos for “Ranch Dressing, Bacon & Tomato” pizza at Valentino’s. Good coffee at the Coffee Pot, both on the square in San Marcos. But the real destination should be further south, follow the interstate and your nose south of downtown to Eddie’s Taco House.

Come in early on cold winter’s morning, and the place is full. Construction crews, cops, what passes for Blue Collar on San Antonio’s South Side? Yeah, that’s the place.

I can’t begin to extol the virtues of the place, perhaps best is the simplest of fare down rather well: bacon & egg breakfast taco. In keeping with its “dive” roots, the steak and enchilada plate ($4.85 with rices, beans and ice tea), while it’s not a great cut of meat, it’s a (damn near) perfect balance of greasy meat saddled with two cheese enchiladas, which are wrapped in red-corn tortillas and the whole mess is served with the very best home-made flour tortillas.

Bring cash and a working knowledge of “restaurant Spanish” is advisable. You won’t be disappointed.