Broken tip?
It’s not an unusual sound, not for me, but as of late, it’s not a noise I’ve heard lately. It’s the snap of the tip of a fishing pole. A fine, light-weight, hand-crafted pole, with a high graphite content. My specialty two-piece, Shakespeare custom trigger, five-foot six-inch rod lost its tip.

Happened while we were tucked up in a stumpy part of the lake, the other other morning. After the fog had cleared.

The question is, as I stopped at a Wal-Mart to replenish supplies, buy a single grocery item, and use the facilities, I found, there in the fishing section, a new version of the pole I just busted the tip on. $14.47.

I didn’t buy it, though. Xmas might bring a new pole, or, I might find a different pole I would prefer. The real question, though, is it okay to just toss the pole as it’s no longer serviceable to me?

There’s something entirely satisfactory looking at a horoscope for December. Must get this out of the way. Still, that means the year-end material has started. Got a few funny observations, but I think I’ll saves those for the upcoming scopes.

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This is NOT a photo-op.