Small Fish

First, read the Scorpio Scope (right at the top) from the other week. Fog, supposed to be a metaphor.

Then, fishing, the other morning? While it was, strictly speaking, past first light, it was dark because the clouds ran into the ground.

Fish in profile and full frontal. The skinny? C-Rig trick worm off the grass line. That was about it for the day. Sun burned the clouds off and it was bright, sunny, warm, balmy, I mean a typical day in Central Texas. Typical November day, I was wearing shorts by noon.

My attire did evoke some mockery. No that it was undeserved, either, but sportswear and pearl snap shirt? And the hat? CBP? Looks like I’m a Fed. Federales. Customs and Border Patrol. For real. Or, for reel.

This is NOT a photo-op.

Yeah, tell that to the fish.