Half shell

The “metaphysical” theory I’ve heard, one I might ascribe to, the theory states whatever is occurring on a birthday – that sets the tone for the rest of the year – the following twelve months.

The astrological implications are a little different, but the theory seems to hold up, at least, the way I see it? The flavor stays true.

So, I wanted to fish on my birthday. I wanted perfect weather. I wanted to catch a big red fish. Mission accomplished.

Rolling out in the morning fog, traces of precipitation along the dead, dry, brown, winter grass. Buddy was twenty minutes late or so, but in the dark? Who cares.

One quick stop for coffee, and we rolled on through the night, spinning into a new sun rise.

On the water by nine, off the water at four, birthday burger in Puerto Vallarta (taco house), and the long drive homeward. But a big red? On my birthday. Yeah, sometimes it is the big deals in life.

Birthday Boy

Xmas Catch

Cleaning Station

Then, too, there’s the final note: Xmas hat. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Xmas apparel is completely appropriate – along with fishing poles, short sleeves, shorts and one big red.

The fish were cleaned for the grill, packed on ice in the cooler. Going to have “fish on the half shell” soon. Leave the skin on, grill it, skin down, the meat stays fresh and moist. And as my buddy said?

“The dog then licks the skin off the grill. No clean up. It’s great.”

Everyone is happy.

un ad

This is NOT a photo-op.