Omnia explorate, Meliore retinete

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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Implications, symbols, portents:
I’ve been writing horoscopes for a long time. The first was joke, then I got a little more serious. Where the title came from originally, “Fishing Guide to the Stars,” all of it, was supposed to be humor.

As one friend frequently notes, “That’s what passes for humor in your world?” Yeah, well, you take what you can get.

Deal is, I’ve touched on this in the weekly video, but the symbolism didn’t quite get across. Or maybe it did, and I’m just not seeing it. Could be me, and I never claimed that I was omniscient or objective.

What the portents, symbolism and implications are? It’s a full moon on “moon day,” and I owe a debt of gratitude to a bartender, former employee, “Eddy,” for his observations on that one. But he was usually right, and the full moon on a Monday was just that much more than usual.

The sticking point and there are several, but the first is the pernicious Mercury Retrograde and this is one for the books. Then too, while I’m trying to wrestle the words to the (web) page, I’m struggling with Mercury’s position as well, trying for the most apt way to explain the energy, suggesting viable “work around” ideas.

What happens is that there’s a point where mistakes, miscues – the usual Mercury mayhem – this is time to wait and watch.

Mars and Venus will accentuate the intensity of the emotional component, and with the moon, Mercury and forth? Maybe the emphasis is not always in the best place. Maybe it just seems like the best place.