Odds and ends from home

The Duchess:
In theaters now. Starring? Yeah, one of the Fiennes’ brothers and Kera Knightly. Miss Knightly with very – exceedingly – scary hair. Bride of Frankenstien hair.

I don’t keep up with stars or the social lives of people I don’t really know; however, that was a very good movie, with current overtones, and pointed comment about royalty.

It’s about the Duchess of Devonshire, set in various locations in and around the south of England and London a few centuries ago. Great story, excellent acting – and even me, from my stilted point of view, even me? I felt sorry for the Duke of Devonshire. Just how I am. Well-played with a wig and all by Ralph Feinnes.

Sort of Historical allegorical Romance. Comedy, too, but only in the darkest of ways. Which made it funny – to me. I’m weird and twisted.


Arrow points, this way to the Martyrdom.

The namesake for the pet project.

You an lead an untroubled life provided you can grow, can think and act systematically.
“Two characteristics shared by the gods and men (and every rational creature):
i. Not to let others hold you back.
ii. To locate the goodness in thinking and doing the right thing, and to limit your desires to that.”
Marcus Aurelius, Book V, chapter 34

Dig deep; the water – goodness – is down there. And as long as you keep digging it will keep bubbling up.
Meditations, Book VII, verse 59

It’s still a favorite image from the last road trip. Apparently, the entrance to a “gentlemen’s club.” Talk about the irony.

Travel and schedule.