Austin Observed

Late night, I was, in a word, baby-sitting. Young adult male child not really baby sitting but in the confines the printed medium, that’s the short-hand version. In north east Austin, there’s a line, moves back and forth, sort of marks suburbia from the barrio. Flexible line, and what I recall, there used to be – more than one – artist co-op.

So I’m standing outside, while he’s having a smoke, and I’m searching the night’s sky for signs of life. The canopy of pecan and live oak made it difficult to see much of anything despite a terribly clear sky. I could pick out Jupiter, but that was about it.

Quiet, residential street, not much vehicle traffic.

A guy walk by, he was swigging on a malted beverage wrapped in a brown paper bag, in one hand, texting away with his other.

Going the other direction, bear in mind this was well after midnight, an attractive female walked by, in her left hand? A phone’s number pad was lighting her way.

Finally, a few moments later, a bicycle rolled by, the rider sitting upright and balancing, driving by his hips hands not on the handlebars, and in one hand, he was reading a message on his phone.

Might just be that block in east Austin.

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