All depends on how you’re looking at this, I suppose. Kimball Art Museum in Ft. Worth, TX. I’ve been trying to get to it for several months. For the last half year or so, there’s a huge billboard in Austin, Interstate 35, headed north, “Impressionists: Kimball Art Museum.” Or something like that. See it often enough? Sure. I want.

I can easily access the Alemeda (branch of the Smithsonian) in San Antonio. Recommend it, especially after “George’s Special” at Mi Tierra – legendary TexMex place (motto: “we never close!”)

By some definitions, Ft. Worth is West Texas, although, to look at it on a map, sure could fool me, as I figure “west” means west. However, from an emotional point of view, yes, it is West Texas. Kin to places like Marfa and the Judd (and Flavin) installation there.

Texas has at least five separate and distinct regions, and, at one time, had the option to divide into five states, but do we really need any more politicians from Texas? Moot point. Marfa is the northern edge of the Big Bend Country, whereas Ft. Worth is like the western gateway, the eastern terminus of “The (mythical) West.”

The aside was to an attempt to explain certain differences. It’s like the difference between Northern and Southern Cal. Only different.

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