Water lily

Go Miners!
By default, I’m a Texas Longhorns supporter. Too much time in Austin, burnt orange shag carpet will do that to a body. The Horns salute, looks a lot like a familiar metal solute, it’s popular. The arch rivals, Texas A&M – Gig’em Aggies – have some sort of a thumbs up thing. Texas Tech, I was there last spring, they use thumb and forefinger, like a pistol.

So I was watching, and I did the “hook ’em horns” sign and Grace’s daughter, a UTEP (go Miners) student, she patiently explained that the Miners symbol looks like a familiar hand gesture, thumb and pinky extended, a little waggle?

Hang loose. Dude.

New Mexico:
Just like old Mexico, only, less corruption and cleaner bathrooms.

The broken and jagged mountains, the harsh desert floor, on the way to and from Las Cruces. I-25 separates from I-10, the main east-west corridor of the souther states, and I-25 heads up to Denver. Via the Rio Grande, I think, at least part ways.


Help Project
Trucks use right lane

Lights on for Safety

Farm and Ranch Museum

School Zone
15 MPH
No passing when flashing

Speeding Fines double in Safety Corridor

NM State Highway 404 – Anthony

NM State 404. It was an inter-web joke.

Still one of the finest cups of coffee – anywhere.

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