Travel time

Off to El Paso and other points. Looks like Southern New Mexico for an afternoon or so.

Hurricane Season:
So far inland, hurricane season has only a tertiary effect, with the odd spin-off twister being a minor threat. Pretty much used to it all, by now. However, I got to thinking, I don’t have, tucked in a closet, a real “hurricane” kit.

To be sure, I’ve got some bulk supplies, like bottled water. One buddy, though, has learned the need for checking the seal on the bottled water before drinking it. Don’t just grab something out of the icebox around here, not guaranteed safe.

So as I was catching a lift up to the superstore, I thought about what might be good in the emergency kit. Water, flashlight, candles. Maybe some granola bars?

Case of bottled water
Box of granola bars
Box of Slim Jim
Duck Tape

I’m set. Bring on hurricane season. And that box of Slim Jim? Perfect. Those things will outlast nuclear holocaust.