Notations from El Paso

“Then we’ll eat at Chico’s!”

Chico’s is lauded as perennial favorite in El Paso. Been there, ate that.

Phone list:
I feel sorry for that guy from Lubbock. Sounded like a young kid. Trying to market a product that I don’t need, and clearly, someone who hadn’t poked around my website. He didn’t know to whom he was selling. Which is a problem.

Since it was a Lubbock number, I gave him a shot until I realized he was cluelessly cold-calling. I was nice, but terse.

But I was watching, and just when did the two-phone thing become so common?

It is crazy to want what is impossible. And impossible for the wicked not to do so.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Book V chapter 17

Fishing record.