Las Vegas

What’s a trip with an audio track?

From the big “record” store (in the UK):
Beach Boutique II
LCD Sound System on French Music Channel
(frivolous purchase) Bassomatic

It’s always the ones with dubious judgement, like Bassomatic, that turn out to be surprisingly good. If you like Drum and Bass. I liked the title.

Bottled Water:
In two part harmony? Amusing to me, in that the French bottled water, perhaps the original source for Evian and Perrier? The French bottled water tasted just like Dallas tap water. Or Houston tap water. Maybe not Austin tap water, but still, pretty awful tasting. Maybe not awful, but hardly worth the 2, or more likely, four dollars paid.

Flip that around, and in the London restaurants, I gladly paid a couple of quid for a bottle of still water to go with the meal. Not always cheaper than wine, but with with calamitous effects, to be sure, and the London tap water? Think about it. I saw a sign: “We’re replacing old piping.” Roman pipes, still in place, and still used, in places. Roman pipes were lead pipes.

Might still be in use.

Single Use:

It is forbidden to hang and to dry your clothes
Inside or outside the room. Every damage does
To this act will be your own responsiblities.
If you hang something outside you will have
Tickets from the police.
For hygienic reason
It is forbidden to eat
In the room
Thank you

Can’t make this stuff up.

Vegas Style:
It was cheaper, and easier, to use free tickets to get to the Virgin connections rather than fly their connections. Virgin still is high on my list to avoid. The seat back said “Recaro,” and back in the day, Recaro seats were the seat maker of choice for kings and race cars. Still was too small for my frame, and it wasn’t that cheap. Two inches of legroom was all I required. Two more inches.

The weekly video was shot in Paris. The funny part was, although I was in the Tour-Eiffel district, 7th Ward, the actual Eiffel Tower was not visible outside the window. Or from any window. Maybe the roof, I’m not sure. I was on the second or third, maybe fourth, floor.

The point of amusement, though, the way the tickets worked out, I had an extra night in Vegas. Cheap hotel. Lost no money. Out the hotel’s window, from the lofty level of the comp-penthouse suite? I could see the Eiffel Tower (Paris Casino, Las Vegas).