Hard work

(Language Warning: astrology terminology hereunder)

I worked – as entertainment – at a convention for Texas “special needs” teachers and associated staff. From shrinks to mates, and everything in between. However, early on, I started to see a similar signature. While it’s a not a random sampling, and it’s not a scientific, on average, 20% of a random population will have Mercury Retrograde in it. Just an off the cuff guess or estimate.

Usual disclaimers apply.

As the day turned to night, there was a similar thread where, it felt like, most near two-thirds or better, three-quarters of the teachers, administrators, and so forth, seemed like there was a much higher than average number of Natal Mercury Retrogrades.

I’m always stymied by this placement, but the shirt-hand version goes like this, “You’ve heard about ‘thinking outside of the box’? It’s more like ‘Box? What box? Where?’ That’s it.”

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  • ssmith04 Jul 16, 2008 @ 17:12

    Interesting. I wonder if certain placements (constellation thereof) tend towards certain occupations.

    Lots of us Sagittarians in transportation, I can tell you.

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