I’m getting the (excrement) annoyed out of me by a certain brand of credit card. Let’s just say, they aren’t well-known, or weren’t, and it’s all a process of discovery.

They have called, on the average, about twice a week since I completed the application, and sent it in, and they sent me a nice card with a surreal limit.

And me, with no earthly means to pay them back.

So I did the manly thing, and I accepted the card, then didn’t use it. Unless, of course, there was a medical emergency. Which there hasn’t been so it’s all good.

However, they continue to call with offers, to check on me, make sure I got my card, read me script after script from the marketing department, and personally, that just annoys me.

This kills me:
Should be titled “absolutely unrelated,” but it’s not. Top Ten Assassin, and of those, three are Texas-based. That I know.

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  • ssmith04 Jul 25, 2008 @ 11:58

    I discovered that one way to get them to stop was to threaten to cancel the card. Then hang up.

    I can be downright rude to callers with whom I have no desire to speak (or listen). Fastest hangup in the West.

    I’m good at closing the door in the well-scrubbed faces of religious proselytizers, too. And candy-sellers.

    I’m in curmudgeon training, too, working for my Advanced Curmudgeon Certificate.

  • Kramer Jul 25, 2008 @ 15:26

    hey, that’s nice, I got aspirations lke that, too.

    Sister says, “you can say ‘no’ faster than anyone else.”

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