Under ground.

Find it yourself?

Four cups of tea will cut risks?

Explains a lot.

Think a little larger, thank goodness.

The Crossing:
What it’s like to fly across. Bets six days on a boat.

And that’s how you make a Bundt Cake.

Town’s Center:
And traffic. What the BBC purports to teach us? Interesting points. Over one third of the gas (fuel oil, diesel, &c.) is refined in the Texas “toxic triangle,” so-named because of the heinous effect of the by-products. Pollution.

Observed: San Antonio and Austin are valiantly trying to keep downtown alive with arts and entertainment, and in my mind, San Antonio is far more successful with its Riverwalk (whatever). Austin has a viable, still-used train station, about two blocks south of the Whole Foods World Headquarters Capital Complex. San Antonio, just east of the freeway,t here’s a station, there, too. Connected by a way under-utilized passenger system. Which is too bad, as in Europe? I thinking England and France? Inner-city, suburban, and cross-country? All close and easy by rail. Costs less, too.

I watched as clients have started riding buses to work as gas is just too pricey for a daily commute.