Greatest Hits

Aquarius, from 5.22.2008:

Aquarius: It was a closing comment from a friend, perhaps it was just signature file, but the comment was, "Don’t be a stranger!" I thought about it as I was fishing, and I kept thinking it should be read, "Don’t be stranger!" Stranger than what? Hard for me to be much stranger than I am.

My little redneck friends think I’m just one step away from a socialist-communist tree-hugging liberal. My tree-hugging liberal friends think I’m just one step away from the redneck-right, neo-fascist gun-toting righteous right with closet Republican tendencies. Neither situation is true, but like my Aquarius friend, and my misreading her note, I keep trying to be stranger. It’s not much of an effort, really. I just act like myself, and that’s the secret.

Mars moves opposite you, and that’s a challenge. How to deal with this, that’s up to you, but I would tend to accentuate the "strange" part of the Aquarius mind (pattern, brain waves, thinking, feeling). Placing an emphasis on this sometimes abstract and weird part of the Aquarius thinking will help ease the way through this moon cycle. Mars, too. Mars is opposite, be stranger than usual. It’s okay.

The “greatest hits” idea goes back-to-back with a design idea. Function and design. I’m still looking for an agent who can handle mainstream, experimental and my mainstay, horoscopes, all as a package deal.

I was looking at “communication company’s” website. Click on it. Wait for the flash animation to load. Find out that they are a package deal, from idea, to website, to printed material, and then, they charge to provide upkeep on the website. Oh never mind, I’m not doing a flash site. Just not worth it.

Incoming (Virgo):

…. you realize that walking back from a nice
leisurely lunch break outside with a political
staffer….i almost got plowed down by one of
these diesel-powered construction behemoth
vehicles as i was dazed and bemused occupying
myself on my blackberry….too true.

Yet again, another one:

You failed to mention that the
steamroller would have barbs.

It’s just nice to see that some Virgo folks are paying attention.