Motivational readings

When I look at the Lucky Star, Jupiter, and then I look at a client’s chart, Jupiter is where the luck arrives. How the luck arrives. But this is far beyond just the influence of the lucky star, although, if a Capricorn does hit it big in the next couple of months, I am asking for a mere 1% of the winnings. Not greedy, not more than 1%, but that’s a cheap shot, and not really what this is about. I got a series of readings that were all the same thing.

“I thought you said I was going to win some money. You said I was going to win the lottery.”

There’s a warning that goes with my comments. I seriously doubt it’s a lottery win. What I usually say is that it’s something like a lottery win, although, if you win big, I am asking for a mere 1%. The point is, and why I think of this as a motivational reading is because some folks need a kick in the ass to get going. That’s what Jupiter is about. Do nothing? Win nothing.

Too often, with Jupiter, I’ve seen people isolated and waiting on the “good stuff” to arrive. Action is required. Defecate in one hand and wish in the other. At the end of the day, what’s left?

Luck’s an illusive little critter, can’t be quantified. But it can be tickled and tricked. Requires action.

Take steps to get it; make it happen.