Month’s end

Yemen, where coffee came from, too.

I’ve watched BBC news, and frankly, I’m non-pulsed. Give me the local slash and burn material, always more fun. But the written material always strikes me as good, fair and balanced in a quaintly British way.


From an astrologer’s notepad:
I once worked alongside a racing specialist, an astrologer who would bet the ponies – but bet only after extensive and exhaustive research. The birthday of the horse. The birthday of the jockey. The birthday of the horse’s owner. There are managers, the moon’s sign at the time of the race, the relative position of various spheres of influence to factor in, as well.

Huge amount of work. Many calculations. That’s at the barest minimum, five or seven charts that have to be calculated per horse, and how many horses in a typical field?

I tend to look at basics. Planet positions are important, but there are larger cycles that are – at least for me – easy to observe. Careful of paralysis-analysis.

The autodidact gift:
I’m not sure I got the quote right, but, “Part of the gift of genius is using art to educate oneself in public.”

Life’s a bitch some days, like that.


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  • ssmith04 Jun 2, 2008 @ 11:01

    Without a pulse, I’d have to say that you would be quiet, indeed. Quite quiet. I never watch the BBC, but I do read the news regularly. It’s quite an eye-opener to get the perspective from the other side of the pond, though not always the comfort of familiarity.

    Paralysis of the analysis mode. Yeah, right. But with mercury retro, isn’t analysis preferable to unconsidered action?

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