Fish tale

It was such a perfect solution, such a perfect answer on how to deal with the woe of Mercury being backwards. And so on and so forth. Mercury is currently in apparent retrograde motion in the tropical zodiac position know as Gemini. That much is obvious. Plain as can be. Dealing with that planet, and the effects of its apparent motion, that’s the secret.

Went fishing with a buddy the other day. Excellent day on the lake. I took three pieces of equipment with me, a five and half foot Shakespeare Graphite (Lite) trigger pole with a small Ambassador reel wound with 17-pound Spider Wire mono with a quarter-ounce jig-head with a chartreuse 3-inch curly-tailed grub attached, a six and half foot All-Star Worm rod with a Bass Pro brand low-profile bait-cast reel wound with 15-pound test Stren-brand Big Game line with a dark (cheap) spinner bait tied on the end, and a seven-foot Shakespeare Graphite (lite) spinning reel with a Capricorn reel wound with Power-Pro 20-pound braided line with a weedless #3 hook topped with a purple worm.

The wind was stiff, early on, and I tossed that spinner bait right into the wind since I was aiming for the reeds again. Worked once, trying to get it to work again. A gust of wind slammed the lure short of its destination, smacked it right down into the water. The line kept spooling out. The result was a knotted mess.

Get upset? Why ever for? My buddy must have a few extra poles, and it wasn’t like I was without equipment myself.

“Professional overrun, huh, throwing a bait-caster into the wind.”

He snickered, but not in a malicious manner.

“Reach into the glove box, there’s a reel there, already spooled. Didn’t know why I brought that one.”

Curado reel, nice, real nice, spooled with Spider Wire 12-pound line. Snapped my reel off the pole, attached his reel, and I was back in business.

Mercury is like the tangled mess of fishing line, took me part of the next morning to undo my mess. My reel is back on the pole, and the reel has new line on it. The drag is adjusted a little tighter.

As Mercury confounds even the simplest of situations, there is a way out. There ‘s way to prevent problems from escalating. Swap fishing reels. Have a spare, a backup, a plan in case. Mercury will mess something up. How bad? Depends on how fast you can attach a new reel to the fishing pole.

big fish