Flights to Lubbockistan. Is it a fair shake?

“I’m high straight in Plainview
Side bet in Idalou
An’ a fresh deck in New Deal…”

Terry Allen’s great song, Amarillo Highway, possibly more famous for the likes of Robert Earl Keen, as it’s one of his mainstays in performance.

Either share a room with three women, for one night, or stay the night in Plainview. Or Amarillo. Which made me think of that Terry Allen song. Or stay in a dorm for night. Dorm-like arrangement. Something.

The Radisson in Lubbock, may be a nice hotel, but the service sucked. “There’s no room at the inn.” Seriously folks, didn’t even make a good comedy routine.

So Lubbock’s on my mind.

I spent the evening with friends and family, getting ready for the niece’s gradation. Virgo, not that it matters, and there’s a job waiting for her, in Dell, back in Austin. In the bathroom, Saturday morning, at first I thought it was a spider, but the action of the spot on the floor, the uneven length of the legs? Baby cricket. Friday night, upon arrival in Lubbock, there was that fateful breeze out of the east, the aromatic blend of cow pie carried by the gentle zephyrs.

Been exactly four years (and a handful of months) since I was last here: February 2004.

This is West Texas. Pictures to follow soon enough. I love this place. However, I’ll go with the rest of the family on visiting.

The PT Cruiser. At the car rental place, a Capricorn made a point about offering the cars, and I kept suggesting the PT Cruiser.

“That’s like the last car to go, usually.”

“But it’s so cool if you have to sit in the back seat!”
(Which, given my enthusiastic response, was where I was headed.)

Better yet, if I did have to sit in t he trunk? Much preferable in the PT Cruiser. Not that I have experience like that with branch of the family….

Then Dallas, for my own Ma Wetzel (Scorpio). Sister did surprise them, showing up from the left coast.