X-factor & fishing

Part One:
Age is starting to show. The “X-Factor” – in my world – refers to a mathematical equation, where the object of the puzzle was to “solve for X.” In an equation, or a simple algebriac expression, the unknown the variable, was usually referred to as “X.” Then it became a generation, and I don’t agree with the traditional demographics, nor, for that matter, do I agree with the ways the generations are defined. But never mind that part, I’m working on the name, “The X Factor.” It should be the unknown that we’re attempting to discern, it’s not the “unknowable portion of the equation where the magic happens,” no, that’s not solvable. Call it “unknown,” or “unknowable.” X? X we can solve for.

Part Dos:
The name for the town, and its lake, is Bastrop, which derives from a founding father and colleague of early Texas, Baron Felipe Enrique Neri de Bastrop, who, as it turns out, has a somewhat nebulous history? Ah well, can’t say we aren’t all characters.

Fished the morning away. Lots of smiles, excellent weather good companionship, really good BBQ.

“Me? I got nothing.”

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  • ssmith04 Apr 18, 2008 @ 12:41

    Beautiful area, calm lake, Starbucks and, oh dear, someone else’s fish. It’s a nice one, too.

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