Foiled by rain

The land of the wind and rain and snow, isn’t that the lyric? I’m unsure.

Foiled by rain

On the tail end of a busy month, I planned to take my dad fishing. He’s increasingly less mobile, and there’s always that sense that the time is nigh. So I ordered up a boat and guide, ordered up tackle and bait, got restaurant and flights sorted out, everything but the weather. I do tend to forget one thing, and this time it was an order for fishing weather.

Me and Pa Wetzel

We spent time indoors looking at sheets of rain falling, pounding the windows. We watched as one or two brave souls tried to fish only to have a crack of lightening drive their wet selves back inside. Then it cleared. Hit the coffee shop in Corpus Christi, did a few errands, ended up on the dock, pitching bait into the wind. Got an exciting Gafftop (catfish), which was the biggest catch for me, for the weekend.

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