Dateline: El Paso, TX


You’ve given aid and they’ve received it. And yet, like an idiot, you keep holding out for more to be credited with a Good Deed, to be repaid in kind. Why?
Marcus Aurelius – Meditations – Book Seven, Chapter 73

Cold winter nights, clear calm sunny day with no clouds.

“Commitments are only valid until there is a material change in circumstance at which point the commitment must be reevaluated.”
– Taurus

The old truck stop is long gone. Flat as the surrounding desert. However, Grace’s Bubba is busy working on the new Hilton place, right next door. Had to stop on our way to work.

Thus spoke:
“Kramer, Kramer, I’ve got a funny tale about a rent car in Albuquerque – no, see, it was Baloon Fest, and I had little issue, rock chips had caused a few spots of paint to flake off, about this big, no larger than your fingernail, and I was worried about the insurance.”

“What happened?”

“They rented the car before I checked it in, no problem.”


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