Cinco de Friday

Can’t use (uno):
There’s always a memory I can’t use in a horoscope, can’t use to define anything, just a quick, almost useless visual image. The construction site, not far from the hotel where I was bunked? Wandering along the sidewalk, one morning, the flow of pedestrians, and I would suppose, vehicular, traffic was stopped by a construction worker. Not unusual in and itself.

The worker, workers, really, two different races, but both female. The one who was holding up the stop sign for the pedestrians? Certainly older, not exactly what I would expect from construction site worker, or maybe she was, deep folds and creases in her face from repeated heavy weather exposure. A tanned and worn face as only the sun can do it.

She had immaculate nails. Long and carefully sculpted then inlaid with intricate artwork. I noticed those nails as she flipped the sign over after letting an empty dump truck pull out, a supply truck of some kind pull in and two smaller four-wheelers in.

“Don’t blame me, I know you hate me now.”

Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

Tag line (dos):
“ – Now with more flavor – the taste fish crave!”

Astrology – debunked! (tres)
Yeah, and the facts fail to support the claim that some astrology websites make a lot of money.

Then, too, who would try and filter out the similarities – and differences – between a bunch of Pisces? (Early March Birthday grouping)

spy versus spy (four-0):
Chinese are dangerous? Are they the new evil empire? Thought it was Wal-Mart.

Friday Fishing Five:
Gulf Coast, not CC, but close enough. Taking Pa Wetzel, weather permitting.

Click for Corpus Christi, Texas Forecast

Who knew we were so close to the edge?

(not good, this is over budget)