Bexar County Line

“In short, San Antonio has always been, and remains, a city of contradictions. It lacks the oil wealth of Houston, the financial strength and professional football team of Dallas, the political sophistication of Austin, the cow town relaxation of Fort Worth, the remoteness of Lubbock and Amarillo, and the aloofness of El Paso. But it attracts more tourists than any town in the state.”
Metz, Leon. A Roadside History of Texas, Mountain Press Publishing, Missoula, MT, 1994. Page 236.

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“Lone Star Beer in my cereal is keeping me alive”
(Pat Green)

No kidding:
Can’t get tickets to Willie’s 4th of July. I can get tickets to Shakespeare shows in London, but Willie’s 4th in my own backyard. Not a chance. I’ve been trying to get to a Willie show ever since Dripping Springs.