The Z-List blogs. I was reading a quick excerpt from a tech-blog about SXSW. The gist of the article was that Twitter was the “killer app.” I’m less than enthused. I figure a daily web journal (blog) is about the best I can do. As I got to thinking about it though. And I’ve toyed with ideas in the past, I needed a handle to describe what this is.

I’m not an A-list blogger. I’m not even a B-list blogger. I would happily report, though, that I’m near the top of the Z-list.

We have a reach that encompasses tens of readers. Or three or four, anyway. The Z-list, what’s it about? Fairly regular, not a lot of traffic, but then, some traffic is better than nothing. Hi Mom.

She read this religiously for a while, then I think pictures of fish bored her.

The Z-list has its advantages. No moral obligation to spell check or correct punctuation. No need to fact check.


Fact or fiction? Not that it matters much, now does it?