Six days on the road

“I got ten forward gears and Georgia overdrive…”

Running with the Devil

Best Hooters Calendar.

Get it?

Fin Fun:
So it’s a lame title, but we snuck off in the middle of the week to fish. I was surprised at the number of boats on our little lake – must’ve have ben a half dozen other truants.

fgsimg_0451.jpg fgsimg_0444.jpg fgsimg_0450.jpg

It was cloudy and overcast, so it was rather cool. Not cold, just not hot. Not much luck, buddy (Virgo) got good one early on, but persistence eventually paid off. The first one I got was little, but some days, any fish is better than no fish, on a Root Beer Creature Feature with 1/4 ounce lead head jig. The second one, much nicer, came only moments later, same bait.On the way back, I stopped for some pictures. More of those, at a later date.

Felt so good to be in a boat, and then, even better? To boat a fish. Especially that last one, big girl.