Seven Reasons to subscribe


Number 10: Bait and bandwidth – the miniscule monthly payment, after appropriate fees and taxes are taken out? Every little bit helps to pay for live bait and maybe more important? Bandwidth that the website uses.

Number 7: Guilt – no more guilt about viewing expensive and time-consuming works of art for free. Small payment makes for no guilt.

Number 6: Advertising – less than 2%, some weeks? Less than 1% advertising in the subscription scopes.

Number 5: (couldn’t afford a number seven, not enough subscribers).

Number 4: Visual emphasis – the weekly (Monday/Tuesday audio update) is streamed as a video in the subscription side.

Number 3: Faster e-mail access – got a quick question or comment? Paid subscribers get faster turn around service.

Number 2: Low price. Couldn’t help but compare, but check out the prices on the premium web channels, same service as, but three, four, maybe ten times the price. Can’t beat a price that hasn’t gone up in four years.

Number 1: Tax time. Economic stimulus package. The price here is a lot less, and we got some taxes that are due.