Reading excepts part II

From a book I was reading the other afternoon:

“Kids don’t understand that age and guile will always triumph over youth and enthusiasm. These days the former attributes belong to corporations and the latter to individuals, so of course any attempt at independence is suppressed. And we wonder why children write on walls.”
Chris Fowler’s Ten Second Staircase, page 39

British humor. I wonder, does it translate to other people? As I prepare for the summer’s fun, I read one review of Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives,” and the reviewer suggested that the play, Merry Wives, singlehandedly, created a genre of TV sitcom, the British Sitcom, like, well, you know, the stuff on PBS and such.

Hey, they liked Dallas and Dynasty. And so on.

I’m reminded of a group of high-end European anglers with a high-falutin’ heritage fishing in Austin. For carp. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.