Two points

Movie must see: The Other Boleyn Girl.
It’s a, relatively speaking, excellent movie. Sort of a chick flick, but then, sort of a historical piece that’s more history and less chick. Can’t say as to how accurate the presentation of known facts was, but I’d guess, it was in the realm.

One of the supporting actors, I’ve seen him on stage before, and what was weird, I saw him cast a similar role to the movie. Added to the story and plot.

All I really recall was that film was sumptuous feast, visually appealing, and iconic in places. That, and what’s obvious just from the trailers, Henry VIII was depicted as a viral young man, not the fat old sot that he looked like later in life. As such, it’s a good way to change the mind’s eye on history. Gripping tale, too. I wonder about the accuracy, but then, Shakespeare’s own Henry VIII is subtitled “All That Is True.”
NYT: Not sure the line will work, but the article is about big book publishers abandoning DRM on the mp3s of books sold. I’d guess it’s too much trouble for too little reward.

Then, too, I wonder, if I bought a book, but I was limited to only me reading the book, how would that work? Or if I was limited to reading the book only one time. To be honest, I tend to read certain books just once, and unless I’ve got important notes in the text, or find the author really engaging, I tend to read and discard (recycle).