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Tax season. We don’t all have Virgo accountants, I do, and we don’t have all our paperwork done, I do, and we don’t all worry about the best time to send in our taxes, and I do worry about that.

I’ve spent many long years working on various theories to see what produces the best results.

“File when Mercury is retrograde, better chance that the IRS will make a mistake.” Plausible.

Mercury isn’t retrograde until Gemini.

“File when Moon is Void Of Course, less chance of an audit.” Plausible.

Moon is VOC April 2, 4:14 AM; April 4, 4:44 PM; April 6, 10 AM; April 10, 11:10 AM; April 12, 1:32 PM; April 14 11:57 PM.

“File when the Moon is in a (Fixed, Mutable, Cardinal) Sign, waxing, waning….” Plausible.

“File when the Moon is New or Full, or First Quarter or Last Quarter.” Plausible.

New (Aries), April 5, 10:56 PM; First Quarter (Cancer), April 12, 1:32 PM.

However, this is where practical experience plays a role in making a decision. After years and years of timing my tax filing just so, and after carefully tracking the results? Here’s what works best: file your taxes on April 15th, right before 5 PM.  Join the crowds at the swamped post office.

Instead of taking action that will enhance or otherwise set off the tax guys? Think about it. Is astrologically timing the point when you figure, and mail the tax forms going to be that important? My tax preparer always laughs about some of my material. Then, too, he was excited that I was a published author until he discovered just how little I earn from that.

I am an astrologer. I do time a number of events by the planets. I do enhance my odds in a number of ways. But sometimes, plain common sense will help too. Must be true. I got it from a Virgo accountant.